Sacred Adult Choir Music


  • Little Baby, SATB w/piano
  • Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel, SATB w/piano
  • Prepare the Way of the Lord, 2-pt mix with piano


  • Go, Tell!, SATB w/piano
  • Our Savior's Shining Star, SATB w/piano
  • Come to Bethlehem and See, SSA w/piano and flute
  • Majestic Newborn King, SATB a capella
  • A Christo il Signore, Dare Gloria


  • Our Lord Was Scorned Tonight, SATB w/piano
  • Willingly, SATB w/piano
  • Behold!, SATB w/piano (w/additional parts)


  • He is Risen (Who Will Roll Away That Stone?), SATB w/piano
  • We Rejoice in the Resurrection of Christ, SSATB w/piano and instr.


  • Give Thanks, SATB w/piano
  • Blessings, SATB w/piano


  • You Call Our Names, SATB w/piano


  • The King of Love My Shepherd Is, SATB w/piano and instr.
  • Our Jesus, Lord, and Shepherd (Order from
  • Blessings
  • A Day with the Lord, Two-part w/piano
  • Child-Like Faith, SATB w/piano
  • Lord, Help us Ever To Retain, SA w/piano


  • Come to the Table, SSA w/piano


  • Together in Everlasting Love, SATB w/piano
  • The Lord is with Us, Hymn-like SATB w/piano
  • As I Come to You and Pray, Solo music w/piano
  • Walk with us, Jesus

Contemporary Christian

  • Open for us the Gates of Heaven (Ps 118)
  • Sing Halleluia! (Ps 66, 89, 96, 98 and 145)
  • Holding (Heb 10)
  • New Jerusalem, Our Eternal Home (Rev 21-22)
  • I am a Poor and Blemished Lamb
  • Go in Peace
  • Here Am I (Is. 6)
  • I am the Light (Lord of All the Earth) (John 8: 12)
  • (With God's Love) She Taught Him How to Pray (Ps 127 and Prov 31)
  • What Kind of Child
  • It is the Power (Is 41, Ps 51, Heb 11, Luke 8, Tit 1, Gal 3)
  • The Lord's Prayer (Matt 6)
  • As I Come to You and Pray
  • Oh, Lord, I Confess

Sacred Children's Choir Music


  • He was Born, Single Melody w/piano and maracas


  • We are God's Children, Single Melody w/piano
  • The Lord is Right Beside You, Single Melody w/piano
  • Smile, Single Melody w/piano
  • God Made, God Sent, God Gives, Single Melody (added alto part) w/piano
  • Won the Victory, Single Melody w/piano
  • Come on, Christian!, Single Melody w/piano and misc. percussion
  • Come and Take My Hand, Single Melody w/piano
  • Jesus, Jesus, Christ our Savior, Hymn format
  • Ask and It Shall be Given Unto You, SA w/piano

Secular Children's Choral Music

  • The Christmas Elves, Single Melody w/piano and misc percussion

Sacred Wedding Solo Music

  • A Shining Candle's Glow
  • The Picture
  • Love Is…
  • Be Not Alone
  • Together in Everlasting Love
  • Our Wedding Prayer

Piano Solo Music

Piano Solo - Early to Late Intermediate

  • Snow Valley
  • Sand in the Sunset
  • Reminiscentia
  • Playful Meadows
  • Field of Lilies
  • Rest Quietly
  • The Last Magnolia Blossom
  • A New Old-Fashioned Waltz (Ring-a-Rosie Around the Tree)

Piano Solo - Primer

  • Bubbles (Includes teacher duet)
  • Oh, Ladybug

Piano Solo - Mid-Elementary

  • My Little Monkey, Blue (Mr. Fussy Pants Series)
  • Marching Monkey, African Safari (Mr. Fussy Pants Series)

Piano Solo - Late Elementary

  • The Elephant March
  • Mountains of Chocolate

Secular Christmas Music

  • Christmas Magic, Piano w/vocal solo
  • Misty Moonlight, Piano w/vocal solo
  • A Merry Christmas, Piano w/vocal solo
  • Pa-ta-pan, Arrangement for piano w/flute and snare drum

Percussion Music

  • Trappin' It, Trapset
  • Getting' Groovy, Trapset
  • Flams, Diddles, and Tropical Punch, Snare
  • Beginner's Luck, Beginning Snare
  • Beginner's Second, Beginning Snare
  • Beginner's Third, Beginning Snare
  • Studio One, Snare

Music Dedicated to my Parents

  • A New Old-Fashioned Waltz (Ring A-Rosie Around the Tree), Piano w/vocal
  • A Song for You (Happy Anniversary), Piano w/vocal