Candace Sutter

Candace Sutter is a composer, private piano and drum instructor, accompanist, and soprano vocalist.  The youngest of six children, Candace sang with her sisters at banquets, talent contests, weddings, church and other festivals, beginning at age two.  She started piano at the age of eight and drums at twelve.  She started composing hymns and piano solo music in the second grade.  Throughout high school and college, Candace taught piano or drums to other students wanting to learn while continuing her writing ventures.  She has accompanied choirs and churches on piano, organ or drums, and directed church choirs as the years have continued unto the present. 

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Candace has been writing music since the age of eight.  In earlier years, primary composition focus was on adult and children's church choir, vocal and piano solo music.  In the years 1999 to 2002, Mrs. Sutter displayed her compositions under her company and studio, CJ Productions, and were sold to a number of church choirs in the country.  Her Vacation Bible School music was published by her and also by Northwestern Publishing House in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with a focus on The Lord is Right Beside You, published several times in their Christ Light series.  Also published by Northwestern was God Made, God Sent, God Gives now included in Sutter’s Jesus Loves His Children Choral Series Book.

Candace writes wedding solos, a variety of reflective-style piano solos, handbell and percussion music, soft rock and contemporary Christian music. Compositions range in a variety of styles throughout her collection of pieces. She has also received two awards in Nashville song writing contests, being in the top ten of each international contest. She released her Jesus is the Light contemporary Christian book in July 2018, and proceeded to record three of those songs in Nashville April of 2019, re-releasing them in July 2019 under the Wynnesong label. This mini-album, titled Open Your Heart, will release Open Up for Us the Gates of Heaven, She Taught Him How to Pray, and Here Am I.

Currently, Candace is highly focused and driven in her Christian artistry and mission in and piano solos for all ages.  She is also focused on contemporary Christian style music.  Northwestern Publishing House has published Our Jesus, Lord, and Shepherd, a two-part mix for small church choirs.  It can be found at their website and is available at this link

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Private Instructor

Candace teaches beginning to late intermediate piano in Council Bluffs at her home. Lessons are offered in half hour or forty-five minute increments on a weekly basis. Within the studio, she offers not only time at the piano, but also focus on music theory, ear training and computer lab. Students interested in song writing and composition also have a unique experience with learning to notate music. Group lessons and clinics are offered, as well as two recitals, per year. She is a member of National, Nebraska and Iowa teachers associations, along with Omaha and Council Bluffs organizations.

Candace also teaches beginning to advanced level drums and percussion. She implements a number of repetitive and rudimental exercises to make good drumming skills and induces constant, consistent counting. Students in a drum tract start on piano and then drums. Keeping him or her in both keeps the student versatile as he or she progresses and increases the all-around training needed for successful drumming. Ear training is also essential, especially when learning to tune timpani and listen for tone within a percussion instrument. 

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Candace has been a first or second soprano since childhood. She has sung for a number of festivals throughout life, contests, churches, weddings, musicals and special choirs. She also is a church choir director, working with both youth and adults choirs. Candace comes from a family of musicians, five being girls, who grew up singing together in three and four part harmonies in choirs and in church. Her mother is also a musician, playing only by ear, on the piano, organ and accordion.

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Candace accompanied her high school choir and a number of churches over the past 25 years. She plays piano, organ and percussion when needed, including timpani, for various worship festivals in recent years. She is also the drummer of her church's praise team band.

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