July 22, 2018 featured Candace Sutter’s Christmas in July concert, showcasing all original music compositions. It was a beautiful, warm day filled with sunshine. Approximately 235 guests enjoyed a half of Christmas music and a second half of contemporary Christian music. Candace opened the concert by playing Snow Valley, a simple piano solo piece to create a little essence of the Christmas holiday season. We followed this with the family choir, sisters Faye, Kathy, Karen, niece Katie and Candace, accompanied by sister Lilah. This introduced Misty Moonlight, A Merry Christmas, Christmas Magic, and The Christmas Elves, all of the Christmas by Candace Sutter booked released this year. Local children played the part of elves and reindeer, and brother-in-law, Jeff, played Santa. The Christmas Elves song included a narrated soloist, Kendra, who told the story of the elves getting toys ready for delivery.

Following the “fun” of Christmas, we turned to focus on the real meaning of Christmas to showcase Advent and Christmas choir pieces. Accompanied by Lilah, various styles of music included a two-part liturgical style piece, a cut-time slow rhythm, flare with minor tones for the Advent season, a flute-beautified piece that sets up the choir to end in a perfect major chord, and others. A harpsichord was brought in for a baroque style piece written in Italian for the treble voices. This unique piece worked into the beautiful tones of Coventry Carol. Kendra was soloist in this setting. Majestic Newborn King showcased a madrigal style theme with a hint of the Renaissance era. Along with a favorite, Go, Tell!, the choir then ended with a gospel style motion, driven by Drew on the djembe and sung a capella by the choir.

Guests enjoyed looking through and purchasing music at the sales display in the hallway during intermission. The second half was underway after approximately 20 minutes.

The second half introduced music from Candace’s Jesus is the Light book. Candace had friends as part of her contemporary Christian band team. Listings of these songs are in her book. These will be available for sale through this website very soon. Titles will be listed there, along with short samples of the music. Candace closed with Go in Peace, sung first by Candace, then with the band team, and then a capella with the choir.

Enjoy some pictures from the day. I give a special thanks to all who helped with the concert. Everyone was very much appreciated!