Private Instruction

Candace is a member of National, Nebraska and Iowa teachers associations, along with Omaha and Council Bluffs local organizations.

Piano Lessons

Candace teaches beginning to early advanced piano in Council Bluffs at her home. Lessons are offered in half hour or forty-five minute increments on a weekly basis. Within the studio, she offers not only time at the piano, but also focus on music theory, ear training and computer lab. Students interested in song writing and composition also have a unique experience with learning to notate music. Group lessons, clinics and recitals are offered each year.

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Drum Lessons

Candace teaches beginning to early advanced level drums and percussion. She implements a number of repetitive and rudimental exercises to make good drumming skills and induces constant, consistent counting. Students in a drum tract start on piano and then drums.  Keeping a student in both piano and drums keeps one versatile as he progresses and increases the all-around training needed for successful drumming. Ear training is also essential, especially when learning to tune timpani and listen for tone within a percussion instrument.

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